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Neeps and Nettles Dice

Festival of Dancing Dangers standard sized d20

Festival of Dancing Dangers standard sized d20

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No one knows why, and few dared to investigate, the day the dragons met. The villagers looked up in horror to find two dragons flying above; one red and one blue. They thought they would destroy the town, but soon came to realize the two great beasts were virtually unaware of the ground folk below. These ancient behemoths had one sole focus; each other. For hours they circled each other in a mesmerizing dance of wings and fire. Never did they fires injure nor their talons tear the other. They continued to the awe of those below until the sun set. Then… without acknowledgment or warning, they flew their separate ways. The villagers pondered what it was they had just witnessed and thanked the Gods that was the end of it. Little did they know it had only just begun, for the dragons returned a year later. The same day, the same dance, the same parting. It continued this way to the point that a celebration was planned, the Festival of Dancing Dangers. The dragons and the festival carry on to this very day. 

All dice are made from epoxy resin. While it is a durable material, please be aware of keeping them in the same container as metal dice. The metal may cause scratches or blemishes to the surface of the resin. 


This listing includes one 20mm d20. 


If you are receiving your order in summer or a warmer month, please do not open your dice immediately. Allow them to sit at room temperature or in a dark cool spot for 6 to 8 hours. While the resin is fully cured, it may temporarily  become soft in hotter temperatures. This is normal. If after they have been allowed to sit they are still soft, please contact me. I test all of my dice to control for potential soft cured resin. If there is an issue I will either replace or refund your order depending on what would make you most comfortable. In the case of a soft cured set, PLEASE do not keep them. Either send them back or bring them to your local hazardous waste site.


I ship orders twice a month, on the 15th and 30th (or 29th). If you need your order sooner, please message me so we can work something out. 

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