What material are your dice made of?

I use a couple different brands of two part epoxy casting resin (depending on the technique I’m using), alcohol ink, mica powder, glitter, cutout paper inclusions, and washi tape. I sometimes use other inclusions such as sprinkles, shells, leaves, or other items along those lines. For those types of inclusions, I will cast them in a blank mold first so that I can pack every inch of the dice full. This helps maintain the balance when they are cast in their resin shells. If I feel an inclusion may effect the balance, I will note it in the listing and it will be priced accordingly. 

Are the dice balanced?

Short answer, yes. Longer answer, I use a pressure pot to diminish any bubbles in the resin, and take great care in how I finish them. The “balance” of all dice, both handmade and manufactured, is effected as the dice are used. If I use any inclusions I think might effect the balance, I will either make them jewelry pieces, or it will be in the listing.

Why are they so expensive?

Between pouring, curing, hand sanding, polishing, and painting a ‘simple’ seven to eight piece set it takes me about a week to complete. That doesn’t even take into account the time it takes to make all my molds, or more complex dice with layers that have to be individually cured. While I want my sets to be as accessible as possible, I also need to make sure I’m paying myself a fair wage as well. That being said, I am willing to discuss payment or installment plans. I also offer raw sets that have not been polished or painted. These are heavily discounted. 

When is the next shop update?

I post my shop update schedule on both my IG and TT. I aim to have updates at least twice a month. It all depends on where I am mental spoons wise. I am a neurodivergent artist and as such need to make sure that I am doing things in a way that honors and accommodates my own needs so I don’t overwhelm or burn myself out. 

A set I really wanted sold out. Will you be making it again?

Well, yes and no. There are certain designs I’ve created that bring me an incredible kick of serotonin. That said, there are quite a few sets where I’ve forgotten to write down the ‘recipe’, so I have no idea how I made them. What I have available is well and truly up to what my brain juice decides it wants to make that day. Again, neuro-spicy little bean doing their best over here. 

Do you take commissions?

I take no more than 5 commissions per month. In creating a business model that accommodates my neurodivergency, I have had to be very honest with myself  about what I can and cannot handle. Commissions are a hard one for me. Until I am at a point where I can hire an assistant, 5 slots is about as much as I can stay on top of in a month without getting overwhelmed.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Please note that you are responsible for any customs duties or taxes upon receipt. 

Do you offer refunds?

It is very much on a case by case basis. I test each set using the ‘fingernail test’ as well as smell to check for soft cured dice. While I am very careful (and honestly a bit paranoid), I am (much to my dismay) still human and may miss something. If, after letting your dice sit in a cold dark space for 6-8 hours once you receive them, the dice are soft I will either remake the set or issue a refund depending on what you are most comfortable with.  I do not offer refunds for “unbalanced” dice. As I said above, I take great care in how I create my sets. If there is an inclusion I feel will effect the ‘balance’, it will be pointed out in the listing. 

Have you heard about the Dicesmith’s Guild in Portland?

Why, yes I have! I, along with Winona of Nailo_Dice, founded it. The goal of the guild is to provide a space for local PNW dice makers to meet, build our community, and create new opportunities for all of us to sell our artisanal dice. 


I’m a PNW (or PNW adjacent) dice maker! How do I join?

Send me a message on my Instagram, or through the form on the ‘contact’ page of my website. We have in person meetups once a month at Wonderwood Springs Cafe in St. John’s, and weekly check-ins on our discord server. Once you give me your discord name, I’ll get you added to the server.